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My political and public affairs work has been volunteering for political campaigns, working as an organizer, and even going door to door for the Census. The skills I have gained through this work are transferrable to any progressive candidate or issue campaign as well as any position in public administration. Here’s what I’ve done:

Commissioner, Westland Area Commission, Columbus, Ohio (2021-)

  • In the interests of local planning for local needs, identify and study the problems and requirements of the commission area in order to create plans and policies which will serve as guidelines for future development of the area; bring the problems and needs of the area to the attention of appropriate government agencies or residents; and recommend solutions or legislation.
  • Aid and promote communications within the commission area and between it and the rest of the city.
  • Initiate, review and recommend criteria and programs for the preservation, development, and enhancement of the commission area, including, but not limited to, parks, recreational areas, sidewalks, streets and traffic.
  • Recommend priorities for and review government services and operation of the various government departments in the commission area.
  • Recommend persons from the commission area for nomination to membership on city boards and commissions which make decisions or recommendations affecting the commission area.

Northeast Regional Organizer, Our Wisconsin Revolution (2020-)

  • Work with director and three other staff members to organize and support progressive issue and candidate campaigns.
  • Responsible for members and supporters in 24 counties.
  • Rebuilding chapters in Fox Valley, Green Bay, and Northwoods regions. Lead biweekly chapter meetings.
  • Organized Climate Action Town Hall with seven speakers, breaking attendance records.
  • Provided organizing support for two successful food drives in Fox Valley.

Elected Representative, Columbus Ward 79, Franklin County Democratic Party Central Committee (2020-)

  • Spoke in support of Issue 1, Community Choice Aggregation for 100% renewable energy
  • Sworn in June 10, 2020

Enumerator, U.S. Census Bureau (2020)

  • Performed door-to-door canvass of homes that had not answered Census questionnaire.
  • Case closure rate of 1.25 cases per hour – earned bonus required 0.75 cases per hour.

Area Coordinator, #RepYourBlock (2020)

  • Won my own election to Franklin County Democratic Party Central Committee, Columbus Ward 79 using postcards, phone banking, text banking, absentee ballot chase, and more.
  • Managed campaigns for six other candidates for Franklin County Central Committee.

Bernie Sanders for President (2015-)
Bernie Victory Captain and Bernie Delegate (2019-)

  • Elected first female delegate from Ohio Congressional District 15.
  • Trained for and hosted weekly canvasses, phone banks, friend outreach, and other events.
  • Performed Bernie Journeys to canvass and attend events in Iowa and South Carolina.
  • Led weekly conference calls for Central Ohio Bernie Victory Captains and their teams.
  • Led weekly volunteer meetings to discuss campaign strategy and events in Central Ohio.
  • Advisor, Ohio State Students for Bernie Sanders, The Ohio State University.
  • Printed Ohio BERNIE letters for activities around the fourth Democratic debate in Westerville.
  • Administrator for Ohio 4 Bernie page and Central Ohio Grassroots for Bernie group on Facebook.
  • Collected signatures to put Bernie on the ballot in Ohio in 2016, 2020.

Campaign Volunteer (2015-2019)

  • Wrote commentary for Daily Kos and Caucus99Percent. My essay “Let’s Just Stop Boomersplaining Politics to Millennials” was shared 23,420 times with 575 comments.
  • Spoke to 800 people about climate change and public health at Our First Stand rally in Columbus.
  • Performed phone banking, text banking and canvassing in Ohio and Indiana in 2016.
  • Ghost wrote letters to the editor and helped volunteers get letters published.
  • Attended 2016 Democratic Convention with associated meetings and activities in Philadelphia.
  • Administrator for Sandernistas and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Co-op Facebook groups.
  • Co-led team that raised almost $10,000 for progressive candidates nationwide including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Paula Swearingen, Amy Vilela, Dennis Kucinich, and others.

Ohio Revolution (2015-)

  • Led team that endorsed eight Ohio candidates including Morgan Harper in Central Ohio.
  • Organized and led Organize to Win Ohio Summit  with 120 attendees (January 2020).
  • Organized Central Ohio Call to Action meeting with 30 attendees (December 2019).
  • Administrator for Ohio Revolution Facebook page with 10,000 followers.

Organizing Fellow, Ohio Democratic Party (2014)

  • Used VAN to perform door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, and social media activities to help elect the statewide Democratic slate of candidates including Nina Turner.
  • Hosted weekly house meetings, phone bank parties, and canvassing events.
  • Organized and led Grassroots Academy day of training for 15 attendees.

Photo credit: Carolyn Harding

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