I am a communications professional with 25 years of experience in journalism and public relations and 10 years of experience organizing for environmental and animal protection. I am also an elected member of Franklin County Democratic Central Committee and Westland Area Commission. In 2019 I finished a dual master’s degree in public administration and environment and natural resources from The Ohio State University.

Environmental advocacy has been the foundation of my organizing work for the past 10 years. Entirely in my spare time, I have obtained a dual master’s in public administration and environment and natural resources, as well as led organizing teams to make a real and material difference in these areas in Central Ohio and statewide. If I could do all this while working at another full-time job and attending school half-time, think of what I could do if I was doing environmental or animal advocacy work full time.

In order to make change, I found I had to get involved with politics. It hasn’t always been an easy ride. The first national politician who I heard call for action on the scale we need was Bernie Sanders. I volunteered for his campaign in both 2016 and 2020, when I was elected lead Bernie delegate from OH-15, served as a Bernie Victory Captain, and traveled to Iowa and South Carolina to help elect Bernie. We were not successful, but we laid groundwork for progressive candidates to run for office at every level — and we changed the conversation in this country forever.

My first set of master’s degrees in History and Journalism kicked off a 25-year career in journalism, communications, and public relations. Here’s what I did from 1994 to 2019, including jobs at several small-town and major newspapers, a state government magazine, a nonprofit Medicaid health plan, and a social science research center at a major state university. I am now using all of these skills in my current career path in environmental advocacy and progressive organizing.

For more than 10 years I have been actively advocating for animals, environment, and social justice. Here are some of my speaking events, testimonies, conferences, and trainings over the years. This list does not include the many weekly and monthly meetings and conference calls I have organized and led.

Through my years of activism, I have been interviewed or cited in various media outlets, and have written lots of articles and blog posts. Many of those, along with important class papers, are listed here.

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